In the last article, we touched upon the basic structure of the Shiny App that every Shiny app contains two files: ui.R and server.R. The ui.R file contains the user interface elements. We will discuss ui.R in this article.

The ui.R file contains command chunks related to the visual appearance…

R is a programming language widely known for its ease of use. We will develop MLaaS businesses based on R Shiny Web Apps. Shiny is the component of R that creates super easy web apps very quickly.

Let’s begin with some essential installations. We need following libraries :



Machine Learning is a buzzword and no one is left unheard of the quote that data scientist aka machine learning expert is going to be the sexiest job of the century. …

You got to know about the trend by applying the Exponential Moving Average combination but scared of taking a trade yet. The reason is very simple you don’t know how long the trend would last. …


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